Become an Environmental Champion

Green communities are a growing concept and we would like the Village of Lincoln Heights to be a leader in sustainability practices. The Lincoln Heights Comprehensive Development Corporation is looking for 20 residents to become Environmental Champions. We will be offering a free, 7-day introductory course on Permaculture, the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. The purpose is to help residents to learn how to save money and to live a healthier life using natural resources.

Course Overview
This class will teach you how to live a lower cost, healthier green life, beginning with your home. It will teach you how to design productive and beautiful edible landscapes that will provide healthy organic food for you and your family with little to no cost, Integrate water management strategies to reduce your water bills, simple energy and cost-saving measures to reduce your energy bill and strategies to integrate these concepts into the Village of Lincoln Heights to increase the quality of living for everyone in the community.

1/27 – Introduction to Permaculture Design
2/17 – Designing Water Management Strategies
2/24 – Foundations of Gardening
3/3 – Designing Forest Gardens for Public Foraging
3/17 – Designing Edible Landscapes for your Yard and Community
3/24 – Reducing your Home Energy Bills through Efficiency and Low-Cost Heating and Cooling
3/31 – Integrating these concepts into Lincoln Heights to make a healthier, resilient and lovely place to live


All classes will be held from 9:00am-4:30pm at the Village of Lincoln Heights Municipal Building and taught by Xavier University Adjunct Professor Braden Trauth. Register Today!